Around The Bend

Around The Bend

After a personal tour throughout the beautiful slots of Antelope Canyon, I made my way to the grand marvel known as Horseshoe Bend. After the 3/4 mile hike uphill and in sand, I reached the top. I noticed the surrounding ground consisted of the desert elements, with very little plant life, and loose gravel. One slip of the step and you’ll be earning your wings! After soaking it all in, I removed my gear and started setting up. As I patiently waited for the magic to happen, I played with focal distance and aperture, all while keeping a close eye on my histogram. Although the lens was wide, it still wasn’t enough to capture all of the Bend’s glory into one single frame. With the exposure far from being prime, I had ample opportunity to plan my stitch. After moving from spot to spot, to capture just the right composition, I found my little plot of the sand. With one foot of the tripod centimeters from the canyons edge, I planned my attack. As the sun started to fade and the other visiting photographers began to head back down the trail, I knew the best was yet to come. The select few that had decided to stay began to see the pinks and purples that the early evening sky was wispily painting. It was almost as if the show in the sky was being presented for just a select few. I shot as many frames as possible until darkness settled in. In that very short period of time, I was able to shoot 27 frames for a total of 3 images. Even if I had walked away without a single shot, I was inspired like never before and fully aware of what this incredible place we call earth has to offer.

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